What is Blockchain

What is Blockchain Structure: How it works?

Blockchain is one of the trending types of databases and comes under Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It has a crucial role in the cryptocurrency world and is known as a ledger to share information among various computer network nodes; as the name indicates, Blockchain structures like blocks and stores data in chunks. Blockchain, as a database information recorder, records and secures information in digital forms. Additionally, it maintains a decentralized and secure record of transactions. Moreover, it stores data in blocks and then links them together through cryptography. 

Blockchain Structure

The blockchain structure lists blocks with transactions in a particular order. These lists are then saved in the form of a simple database. In the Blockchain, two essential Blockchain structures are used. These are 


These are the variables that can track and keep the location information of other variables. In other words, it is a position pointer of other variables. 

Linked Lists 

In linked lists, there is a link between many blocks. Every new block is linked with the previous partnership with a pointer’s help and makes a blockchain. 

Components of Blockchain 

While talking about the Blockchain structure, we can’t neglect the significant components of this helpful technology. A Blockchain strategy works well within the presence of these efficient Blockchain components. Let’s have a look at those core components.


Nodes are the users that may also be a computer. It holds all the critical information and a copy of the Blockchain ledger. 


The smallest building block of computers is called transactions. These records or pieces of information serve the primary function of Blockchain. 


A database structure is typically used to store the transactions that have to be distributed throughout the nodes in a network system. 


A chain consists of many blocks that are arranged in a sequence. 


Miners are the nodes that verify all the blocks before adding any other things to the Blockchain structure. 


Consensus is the rules and arrangements that play a vital role in Blockchain operations.

How secure is the technology? 

Data recorded on each block is permanent and makes immutable transactions. All team members require a consensus to make data more accurate. In this process, no one can hack or delete transactions, making this technology more secure and trustable. 

How Blockchain Works? 

Many of you are familiar with Blockchain but don’t know how it happens. Do you want to learn how to? The Blockchain is a combination of three technologies, including

  • Cryptographic keys 
  • A peer-to-peer network containing a ledger 
  • A mean of computing to store and record data and information

But how does a Blockchain exactly work? A Blockchain gathers information in the form of groups called blocks. Every block has a specific data storage capacity. When one block fills with enough information, it links with the previously served block. Every next block will strengthen the verification of the previous block’s input. In this way, this blocking system makes a chain of data and is hence known as Blockchain. Moreover, it reduces tampering by malicious actors and makes it more secure. 

Blockchain technology works in different steps. These are 

  1. Facilitating a transaction 
  2. Verification of a transaction 
  3. Formation of a new block 
  4. Proof-of-work 
  5. Addition of new block in the Blockchain 
  6. Transaction complete 

Another working contribution of Blockchain is to enable decentralization, security, and privacy. Despite this, the technology introduction has credible value to optimize the cost of your marketing campaigns with its high service features. Apart from this, the use of Blockchain has increased with the discovery of 

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Smart contracts 
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) 

Types of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has four basic types, and each of them works accordingly. These types are 

  • Private Blockchain networks 
  • Public Blockchain networks 
  • Permissioned Blockchain networks 
  • Consortium Blockchain

What Benefits Does Blockchain Technology Give to an Organization? 

One of the key benefits of Blockchain is to record and store information on blocks. But the story doesn’t end here. There is more to know about its benefits. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

  • Blockchain technology is time-saving because no central authority is required for further verification, and it slashes transactions from days to minutes. 
  • The technology is cost-saving by eliminating duplicate efforts as participants now exchange valued items directly. 
  • Its tight security protects your data from hacking.
  • Protects information against fraud and cybercrime
  • The technology also increases trust, transparency, safety, and traceability.
  • The most appreciating future technology due to its high availability 
  • It has simple current paradigms and the best fast-dealing technology.
  • By using smart contracts, transactions become automated. It increases the efficiency and speed of the process. 
  • With its traceability feature, it can detect weaknesses in the supply chain. 

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A Blockchain structure is a trending distributed and public digital ledger that offers the best way to record and secure information. Blockchain technology is costly and hard to hack or change stored data. This technology allows brands to seek plausible improvements to fight against fraud or scams. This immutable ledger makes it feasible to record transactions tracking assets in online marketing.

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