What Are The 7 C’s Of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the backbone of every company today. It is one of the most influential and exciting tools modern marketers can use to increase business and establish a strong brand presence. To get the most out of all that digital marketing has to offer, you need a framework that focuses your efforts and utilizes the 7 Cs of digital marketing.

The 7 Cs of Digital Marketing provide a replicable and scalable modern framework designed to help marketers achieve their goals. It enables them to better assess the digital marketing landscape from both an internal and external perspective to understand the needs and objectives of the business.

On the one hand, the 7 Cs can use to evaluate websites and a brand’s overall online presence to ensure that marketing communications are coherent and well-organized. Additionally, they can leverage to monitor and evaluate competitors’ activities.

The most important thing to remember is to put the customer at the centre and ensure that all other elements contribute to effectively meeting the needs of one’s target audience.

Let Us Now Discuss What All Are The 7 C’s Of Digital Marketing

  • Customer

Knowing about our targeted customers and their digital presence in the online medium is essential. Any marketing context requires a customer to be at the centre of the marketing model. The online digital medium offers vast opportunities for targeted marketing.

For example:

We should make it about our users:

  • Do you have well-developed customer personas?
  • When did you collect insights from any of our customers?

First, we must understand that consumer needs and wants are constantly changing. Today they expect everything in a short time with transparent communication.

Business patterns change the everyday entrepreneur needs to adapt to various changes. With the support of the online medium, it becomes easier to sell your product to everyone.

By adopting online marketing techniques, we can learn more about our target customer’s purchasing behaviour, delivery needs and the online communities they belong to.

In short, getting more information about everything that concerns consumers in the online digital medium is essential.

We are the leading digital marketing company that offers effective services to our customers per their needs.

  • Convenience

These days consumers can shop at any time of their choice as the online trend has increased. It has instant access to the online store through any smart device.

You can make previous orders accessible if the customer is in a hurry. They can repeat any of the earlier orders’ acknowledgements of product arrival.

  • Competition

Technology often presents competition and is an excellent opportunity for marketers to increase the visibility of their business brand. People adopt new and creative ideas for business brands, and the website provides more information to the users through their website.

There is enough technology available, and people have access to many online sites where people can order things anytime.

Due to the increase in technology, it has changed its way regarding digital marketing strategies. It is essential to find out what tactics our competitors use; it will enhance your marketing strategies.

  • Communication

One of the most significant changes in digital media strategy is the shift to inbound marketing, which includes organic search engine optimization, social media, etc.

We focus on communication where social media has found many platforms to integrate your marketing strategies. It has been observed that too much communication happening simultaneously is a disadvantage for businesses where people can control the messages. The posting method has also been changed; it has become faster. The best way to test online communications is through a full content audit.

Some important things to note:

The format and types of communication that are delivered

  • Important messages
  • Tone of voice
  • Defects in content

It can use to check competitors and their online communication styles.

  • Consistency

It is effortless because whatever you post in different channels to increase the brand’s visibility, consistency should maintain across all channels.

  • Creative Content

Bloggers, as well as online marketers, will only post content on their websites sometimes. But with the advent of Google Algorithms, content must update to be visible online. Customers these days are information savvy and depend on every social media platform. But it should remember that business information should convey through a business website. We can add videos and other info graphics to attract attention.

  • Customization

Due to technological improvements, many sites have customized the web experience. With the advent of more and more technologies, it has become more personalized, where customers can use and navigate it faster.

Bonus C is Coordination

Coordination is essential in business, and coordination and integration should take place from the initial stage to the final stage of service and product delivery.

You must understand the fulfilment process and ensure that everything is working correctly.


The best way to adapt to the changes in the online business world and stimulate business growth starts with developing a solid digital marketing strategy. And a great approach is to apply the 7 Cs – Customer, Content, Context, Community, Convenience, Convergence, and Change.

Customers play a crucial role in your company’s success, and making them the focus of your marketing efforts is the number one requirement for making the 7 Cs model of marketing work.

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