Programmable money

Programmable Money: An Introduction to the World of Tokens

Programmed money is particular in specifics. Bitcoin and Ethereum are programmable money and have embedded incentives. Moreover, it will help you build trust among network participants without needing a trusted third party. These rules are made in a self-executing contract when some predefined videos are met. Such a contract is known as a smart contract and determines the functionality of money. With programmable money, there is a need for a third party to do transactions. 

Why is it needed? 

A new currency system, programmable money, is introduced to make transactions more secure. It eliminates intermediaries and introduces efficiency grains in executing and settling transactions.

Programmable money is often termed “tokens.” But before going into its details, we first have to know what tokens are. What are the functions and possibilities of programmable money or tokens? 

What is a token?  

Tokens are a blockchain-based abstraction that represents and owns assets and currencies. Different types of tokens are in use. So please take the next step and explore them one by one. 

1- Security tokens 

Security tokens are subjected to regulations and securities, and this is the reason that these tokens are considered safer. Up to a point, security tokens are tradable assets, including 

  •  Shares 
  • Bonds 
  • Notes 
  • Voting rights 
  • Debentures 
  • Warrants 
Additional features 
  • Also known as investment tokens 
  • A form of participation for investors 
  • It gives security to investors that increases its value 

Reasons to issue security tokens 

  • It gives high liquidity
  • Better programmability 
  • Has the ability to attract retail investors 
  • You don’t need to make your company public 
  • Has the ability to attract capital globally 

2- Utility tokens 

Utility tokens are app coins and are also termed user tokens. These are offered at the time of ICO execution. Unlike security tokens, these tokens cannot be used for investment. Although, these tokens have been redeemed for a particular discount or access to a specific product or service. 

Additional Features 

  • Similar to voucher 
  • Different from the security token 
  • One who issues a utility token doesn’t receive any profit or commission 
  • Gives holders a right to use service or functionality

Why are utility tokens necessary? 

  • They give access platforms to users to access the product or service 
  • Utility tokens never are out of the race in the Bitcoin world 
  • One can use utility tokens to buy in-games like NFTs 
  • Play a role in expanding the web3 ecosystem 

3- Stablecoins 

One of the significant types of cryptocurrencies is a stablecoin, whose value is bound with US dollars or gold to maintain its price. Moreover, stablecoins tackle price fluctuations and are pegged to real-world assets. Stablecoins also help to prevent rampant volatility. The stablecoins are of different types, including, 

  • Algorithmic stablecoin 
  • Collateralized stablecoin
  • Fiat-backed stablecoins 
  • Crypto-backed stablecoins  
  • Commodity-backed stablecoins

Additional features  

  • A cryptocurrency and its price linked to fiat currency 
  • Medium for exchange without intrinsic value like euro or US dollar 

4- Currency tokens

By using digital currency, users can make payments. Moreover, these tokens are also used for the fundraising of crowd sales. Despite this, they also serve as a substitute for many other things. 

Additional features 

  • A form of cryptocurrency 
  • Mean of money and payment substitution 
  • A present decentralized alternative to traditional payment transactions 
  • Bitcoin is the best know currency token

5- Non Fungible tokens 

The Nonfungible tokens were introduced in 2015, and a digital certificate of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are used to present different assets like games, sports, paintings, audio, video, political items, or any other digital value file on the blockchain. Moreover, they allow holders to own an original article. Contrary to it, a digital signature is created so no one can exchange it. 

Additional features  
  • It is a scarce digital resource
  • These tokens are indivisible 
  • Free from any fraud 
  • NFTs are unique and have distinct attributes 
  • These tokens guarantee the asset transmission 

Benefits of NFTs

  • NFTs are associated with specific data and depend on their uniqueness 
  • Manage supply chain 
  • Builds a strong community
  • Raise funds and drive brand awareness 
  • Engage digital services 

6- Asset tokens 

Asset tokens came into existence by digitizing tangible and intangible assets and then storing them on blockchain by converting them into tokens. Asset tokens are designed in such a way that they represent real-world objects and help facilitate the selling and buying of products. 

What’s good in asset tokens? 

  • With their immutable ledger features, asset tokens help investors to feel secure and confident. 
  • It helps you to reduce intermediaries and reduce your overall cost 
  • Asset tokens improve the liquidity in the market and allow investors to hold a wide range of assets 

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Programmable money refers to the Blockchain era and a double edge sword of the world. Smart contracts are the key ingredient of programmable money, and these contracts help to execute transactions. Moreover, many decentralized storage providers are here that enable secure the network and multiple transaction fees and rewards. On the other hand, these tokens are a medium for developing and executing various apps and smart contracts and facilitating transactions. 


What is A Blockchain Marketing Agency? Everything You Need To Know

Blockchain is an upcoming technology and is currently hitting the marketing place. It is a popular technology that has already changed digital marketing, and now organizations are considering methods to leverage blockchain technology. But before talking more about this, first of all, let’s understand what blockchain and blockchain marketing agency is.

What is Blockchain Marketing? 

Blockchain integration into digital marketing and advertising is known as blockchain marketing. 

Blockchain is a series of blocks that are interlinked to each other without involving a third party. It includes recording transactions in one place and ensures more security and transparency. The technology is highly appreciated to increase leads and provides a better customer experience. Where Al and analytics are the crucial factors to grow your business, blockchain technology will help you to make your business bigger. 

Building blocks of a blockchain marketing agency

Blockchain agencies implement different strategies to make your business more rewarding than it ever was before. Not only this, but blockchain marketing agencies also enable you to access more customers. There is more to know. Want to know the best part? Keep reading this article to know which strategies a blockchain marketing agency uses to take your brand to the next level. 

Content Marketing 

A blockchain marketing agency developed engaging and informative content on blockchain investments to raise investors’ awareness. It allows your brand to save money often wasted on dealing with dubious paying commissions to increase brand awareness. Blockchain agencies introduced cryptocurrencies that simplify the payment process by creating relevant content for the audience.

Search engine optimization

Content marketing is not enough to increase your brand awareness. To accomplish your desired goals, you need to rank your website in search engines so that your audience gets your content quickly. Your investors will be likelier to visit and read your blog content relevant to blockchain marketing. Blockchain agency implements an effective and good SEO strategy to increase visitors. It will ultimately increase the potential leads and sales.  

Social media marketing 

Blockchain technology has captured a broad range of social media platforms’ audiences. Blockchain agencies use different social media platforms to increase the investor’s awareness about blockchain technology and your online presence. She investors get to know the importance of social media, they will support their company by investing in your brand to increase their revenue. 

Paid Ads 

Blockchain agency allows you to raise your brand awareness through paid advertisement. When investors see banners and ads related to your blockchain business, they will be more able to learn about your business and blockchain investment. 

Email marketing 

A blockchain marketing agency uses another marketing strategy to increase the investor’s knowledge about your brand, like an email marketing campaign. For this purpose, blockchain agency creates catchy title and content to draw the customer’s attention. 

User data protection and user rewards 

Blockchain marketing agencies implement effective strategies to protect customers’ data. The right blockchain marketing agency properly uses the process and makes your data anonymous to hackers. Moreover, it also introduces Ethereum-based tokens. These are the rewards for viewers or publishers whoever is watching the ads. 

On the one hand, you are spending money on ads, and on the other hand, you are also gaining rewards, which will attract more customers to your business. 

How have Blockchain marketing agencies revolutionized business? 

The growth of blockchain has been increasing for the last several years and is not seeing to end this early. Blockchain technology has many benefits and is used for many purposes. Here are many benefits that you can get from blockchain technology. These are 

Increased decentralization

Blockchain transactions do not require any third party, making business transactions more decentralized. By this, only the sender or receiver has information about the trades, and no other person can steal the data. It offers you a secure transaction. 

Quick and secure transactions

Blockchain agencies help you to make easy, smooth, safe, and speedy transactions. It will help your business to run more effectively and smoothly. Along with this, it also keeps the transaction private, even not banks can record your transaction details. The benefits do not end here; you do not need to provide identification, such as an ID card and driver’s license. In this way, your identity and financial data will be more secure. Along with this, it also reduces fraud and ensures accountability. 

Increase traceability of the supply chain 

Blockchain technology lets you easily track product details when they move through different stages. It will eliminate human errors in data updating. It also facilitates the global supply chain industry to make payments using smart contracts. Not only this, but it also streamlines the other processes and reduces additional costs. 

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A blockchain is a digital chain of blocks that keep your transaction secure. For this, a digital marketing agency gives you effective marketing strategies. These procedures will moreover assist you in extending your brand awareness. Besides, its decentralized ledger innovation lets you share more profound experiences in your customers’ interactions. Despite this, developing significant and long-term client connections will make it simple for you.

blockchain strategy

Blockchain Strategy: How to Develop a Winning Blockchain Business

Blockchain is an effective way to record difficult or even impossible information to hack or modify. It is a distribution platform that distributes or duplicates transactions across various computer networks involved in blockchain. In the digital world, blockchain is an emerging technology with multiple advantages. How does blockchain technology work? The strategy can support applications linked to numerous industries, including finance, supply chain, and manufacturing. 

Trending currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum rely on blockchain to become more secure. The blockchain contains many data blocks and is a decentralized peer-to-peer network. The number of transactions happening in the blockchain is stored on each blockchain. Each transaction that occurs on the blockchain is recorded in the ledger. Different types of censuses are used for this purpose like

  • Proof-of-Work (PoW)
  • proof-of-Stack (PoS)
  • proof-of-Authority (PoA)

Blockchain Technologies to Develop a Winning Business

Cryptocurrency is now getting more traction and acceptance through all demographics. Blockchain technology is a challenging piece of the digital puzzle. To run it smoothly and make it a winning blockchain business, you need to create practical algorithms which support your blockchain business. The rest of the article contains many techniques that separate your 

blockchain business from the rest. Now put yourself in my shoes, and let’s dig more into it. 

Choosing the Blockchain Successfully 

When it comes to blockchain, enterprise users think blockchain is the critical factor to include. Yes, it is correct. The blockchain has the power to change business functionality. But be careful while selecting the best blockchain for better business growth. You should consider the following steps at the time of blockchain selection. These steps are 

  • Check whether the blockchain technology best suits the business or not 
  • Select the approach to integrating blockchain 
  • Despite thinking how challenging it could be, consider some existing solutions. 

You must know which platforms are available to succeed in your blockchain business. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Stellar 
  • Corda 
  • Open chain 
  • Quorum 
  • Ethereum 

Initialize the Blockchain by Building an Ecosystem 

After choosing the best blockchain platform, the next step is to initialize the blockchain. The forum will work best after getting a large number of stakeholders. When everybody gets involved in work, the technology will help improve the trust and growth of your blockchain business. Being a part of a blockchain platform, a stakeholder can decide about 

  • Rules for participation 
  • To make sure that costs and benefits are pretty shared. 
  • What risks and framework can use to address the shared architecture 
  • To ensure that the blockchain is functioning as it decided, check the mechanism is running in the proper places, like auditing and validation. 

Choosing the Right Consensus Protocol 

The best feature of consensus protocol is to prevent system exploitation. The consensus protocol resolves the problem with a large amount of calculation. When a miner gives a solution to a problem, it must be verifiable by all. The issue can resolve depending on the versatility and power of the network. Moreover, the system helps to protect your system against spamming or hacking. Different consensus platforms are available, including 

  • Proof-of-Work 
  • Proof-of-Stake 
  • Delegated Proof-of-Stake 
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerance 
  • Proof-of-weight 

Transactions and Reimbursements

The most popular applications of blockchain are transaction and reimbursement. Blockchain technology brings back many currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many organizations have introduced initial coin offerings (ICOs) for blockchain currencies and platforms. It has been estimated that one coin is nearly equal to $10,000 per coin, and we recently noticed that Bitcoin had experienced a massive spike in its value. Some say that cryptocurrency is a viable alternative to fiat currency. Even so, many international banks are now experimenting with their blockchain currencies, like the J coin in Japan. 

Blockchain is the Future 

As time passes, businesses are going towards blockchain technology. Many large companies like Amazon and Microsoft have switched to blockchain to improve online payment security and other processes. Blockchain is not only an excellent investment to build customers’ trust but also online privacy and reduce the chances of fraud and theft. 

Blockchain is the future of the internet, and public cloud, microservices architectures, and DevOps are essential for the current internet. With this technology, you can save time and money and resolve issues other than cryptocurrency and NFTs. Furthermore, it will help you tackle topics regarding transactions and voting systems on the internet. 

How Blockchain Benefits Your Brand? 

  • Blockchain helps to increase transparency, security, and traceability across a business network. 
  • Increases customers trust
  • Delivers cost savings along with new efficiencies 
  • It allows you to verify the authenticity of assets and prevents fraud 
  • Complete transactions more fastly and efficiently 

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Blockchain is the trending technology for the processing of cryptocurrency payments. By implementing various blockchain strategies, you can get more investors to your brand. Once your investors understand the blockchain concept, it will increase demand, acceptance, and support for this investment. Moreover, it will help to reduce fraud and get greater accountability. Ultimately, it will benefit both investors and the brand. 

What is Blockchain

What is Blockchain Structure: How it works?

Blockchain is one of the trending types of databases and comes under Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It has a crucial role in the cryptocurrency world and is known as a ledger to share information among various computer network nodes; as the name indicates, Blockchain structures like blocks and stores data in chunks. Blockchain, as a database information recorder, records and secures information in digital forms. Additionally, it maintains a decentralized and secure record of transactions. Moreover, it stores data in blocks and then links them together through cryptography. 

Blockchain Structure

The blockchain structure lists blocks with transactions in a particular order. These lists are then saved in the form of a simple database. In the Blockchain, two essential Blockchain structures are used. These are 


These are the variables that can track and keep the location information of other variables. In other words, it is a position pointer of other variables. 

Linked Lists 

In linked lists, there is a link between many blocks. Every new block is linked with the previous partnership with a pointer’s help and makes a blockchain. 

Components of Blockchain 

While talking about the Blockchain structure, we can’t neglect the significant components of this helpful technology. A Blockchain strategy works well within the presence of these efficient Blockchain components. Let’s have a look at those core components.


Nodes are the users that may also be a computer. It holds all the critical information and a copy of the Blockchain ledger. 


The smallest building block of computers is called transactions. These records or pieces of information serve the primary function of Blockchain. 


A database structure is typically used to store the transactions that have to be distributed throughout the nodes in a network system. 


A chain consists of many blocks that are arranged in a sequence. 


Miners are the nodes that verify all the blocks before adding any other things to the Blockchain structure. 


Consensus is the rules and arrangements that play a vital role in Blockchain operations.

How secure is the technology? 

Data recorded on each block is permanent and makes immutable transactions. All team members require a consensus to make data more accurate. In this process, no one can hack or delete transactions, making this technology more secure and trustable. 

How Blockchain Works? 

Many of you are familiar with Blockchain but don’t know how it happens. Do you want to learn how to? The Blockchain is a combination of three technologies, including

  • Cryptographic keys 
  • A peer-to-peer network containing a ledger 
  • A mean of computing to store and record data and information

But how does a Blockchain exactly work? A Blockchain gathers information in the form of groups called blocks. Every block has a specific data storage capacity. When one block fills with enough information, it links with the previously served block. Every next block will strengthen the verification of the previous block’s input. In this way, this blocking system makes a chain of data and is hence known as Blockchain. Moreover, it reduces tampering by malicious actors and makes it more secure. 

Blockchain technology works in different steps. These are 

  1. Facilitating a transaction 
  2. Verification of a transaction 
  3. Formation of a new block 
  4. Proof-of-work 
  5. Addition of new block in the Blockchain 
  6. Transaction complete 

Another working contribution of Blockchain is to enable decentralization, security, and privacy. Despite this, the technology introduction has credible value to optimize the cost of your marketing campaigns with its high service features. Apart from this, the use of Blockchain has increased with the discovery of 

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Smart contracts 
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) 

Types of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has four basic types, and each of them works accordingly. These types are 

  • Private Blockchain networks 
  • Public Blockchain networks 
  • Permissioned Blockchain networks 
  • Consortium Blockchain

What Benefits Does Blockchain Technology Give to an Organization? 

One of the key benefits of Blockchain is to record and store information on blocks. But the story doesn’t end here. There is more to know about its benefits. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

  • Blockchain technology is time-saving because no central authority is required for further verification, and it slashes transactions from days to minutes. 
  • The technology is cost-saving by eliminating duplicate efforts as participants now exchange valued items directly. 
  • Its tight security protects your data from hacking.
  • Protects information against fraud and cybercrime
  • The technology also increases trust, transparency, safety, and traceability.
  • The most appreciating future technology due to its high availability 
  • It has simple current paradigms and the best fast-dealing technology.
  • By using smart contracts, transactions become automated. It increases the efficiency and speed of the process. 
  • With its traceability feature, it can detect weaknesses in the supply chain. 

Why is the US Digital Hub the best agency to hire? 

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Our experts use different professional tools for successful marketing campaigns. Not only this, but we also help you focus on your project’s crucial aspects. In the dynamic crypto world, our company is capable of working with you, even staying at a distance. If you want to increase the growth of your potential users, you need to hire the best digital marketing agency focusing on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. 


A Blockchain structure is a trending distributed and public digital ledger that offers the best way to record and secure information. Blockchain technology is costly and hard to hack or change stored data. This technology allows brands to seek plausible improvements to fight against fraud or scams. This immutable ledger makes it feasible to record transactions tracking assets in online marketing.